Here at Connexis, we pay due industriousness to security and intellectual property protection. We are emphatically dedicated to verifying business processes from start to finish and regarding our customers' intellectual property rights and data. In view of this, we have set up a lot of corporate policies and methodology that each employee must agree to, for example, account, data, and physical security, alongside increasingly concentrated policies covering inner applications and systems that employees are required to pursue.


We understand that the economic estimation of your software assets fundamentally relies upon the idea of IP rights included. Remembering that, we use best practices and all the accessible legal and physical intends to protect your legitimate advantages.

Information Non-Disclosure

We consent to a non-disclosure arrangement with our customers to give their sensitive information most extreme security and confidentiality. Endless supply of employment, all employees are required to execute a confidentiality agreement and must recognize receipt of and consistence with Connexis' security policies.

Distributed Environment

Our applications keep running in a multi-inhabitant, dispersed condition. Instead of isolating every client's data onto a solitary machine or set of machines, Connexis restrictive and client data are disseminated among a mutual infrastructure containing multiple homogeneous systems situated over multiple geologically appropriate data centers.

Title Transfer

We recognize your desire for full ownership and control over the IP that your organization requires to lead its business. We have set up a legal framework which guarantees that all employees, consultants and outsiders consent to arrangements that dole out all IP to Connexis promptly on the creation and postpone every single good appropriate to the furthest reaches allowed by law.

Data Destruction

At the point when resigned from our systems, disks containing client data are exposed to a data annihilation process before leaving our premises. The disks are legitimately wiped by approved people utilizing a process endorsed by the IT security group and discharged to stock for reuse and redeployment. In the event that incomprehensible because of a hardware failure, the disks are physically crushed by degaussing.


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