We offer a full range of engagement alternatives to suit your business needs, to enable you to appreciate the advantages of outer skill, cost the executives and risk moderation.

We are completely fit to fulfill your requests of higher adaptability by customizing any engagement model:

Project-based Engagement

We suggest a project-based engagement model for the individuals who have a One-off/pilot project with well-defined necessities and deliverables. Employing this engagement model, you'll have your project executed by an undeniable team at Connexis.

Dedicated Development Team

We offer devoted team services to broaden your in-house development resources. We complete devoted teams with the required measure of team individuals, project managers, essential equipment and infrastructure dependent on your necessities.

SLA-based Approach

The SLA-driven model is prescribed for long-term projects with unmistakably concurred constraints and prerequisites. According to the terms and conditions settled on you and Connexis, we assume full liability for the total service the board just as the concurred SLAs.

An inevitable movement as with an end goal to manufacture increasingly sustainable relationships and getting to the following dimension of a commonly helpful partnership, Connexis offers non-linear and agile pricing models:

Fixed Price

Connexis offers customers a fixed price/fixed scope model when the scope and particulars of the project are sensibly clear. Under this low-risk model, we define expected deliverables and timelines as to settle a commonly concurred fixed price. This pricing model is appropriate for Agile projects also. The scope is separated into short client stories. We are paid the price dependent on the story size determined during the planning endless supply of this story paying little respect to its size.

Time and Material

We settle on the Time and Material Model to give you more prominent adaptability that allows you to change project prerequisites on an ongoing premise mirroring upcoming market patterns. This model is ideal for complex projects with inevitable changes in detail and plan. This model visualizes payments at an hourly rate, which is settled upon when the agreement is finished up. The team size might be changed whenever, along these lines, optimizing the cost and length of the project.

Milestone Billing

We suggest this choice for complex long-lasting projects with unmistakably distinguished phases where either time-or achievement based payment calendars are liked. As every single achievement is appropriately cultivated, the client has expensed either a bit of the entire project cost or basically, a predefined entirety chose in front of the project. This model accommodates better advancement monitoring and decreases risks related to enormous scale software tries.

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